10th World Open Karate Tournament

We’re taking bookings for our group tour to the 10th World Open Karate Tournament in Japan in November this year...

Deadlines (15 June-10 July, first come first serve) have been set for the World Tournament Trip and important information has come in. Please read through this information carefully and send us your checklist as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements & bookings from our side.

Qantas is running a special of $1000AUD return, but seats will probably be sold out in the next few days. Please book now... Our tour (see itinerary in the forms section) is arranged around the following dates: 31 October - 14 November, so book your tickets with those dates.

Olympic Centre accommodation is now being offered to supporters at the very cheap rate of $35USD/person/night. It is imperative that we receive numbers from all of you so that we can book as they will only accept group bookings.

Check out of the Olympic Centre is on Monday 7 November.

Discounted tickets for the World Tournament and Women's World will be available pre-buy, so please let me know if you need tickets so we can get numbers together and put our order through. International Karate Friendship Tournament is free admission to members with VALID IKO CARDS.

If selected to officiate, all judges & refs must participate in the seminar on the 2 November with official judge shirts & tie. Please let us know if you are booking.

Tickets are $20USD. Sayonara is on the 6th of November at the Olympic Centre. Please let us know if you need a ticket.

Camp fee is $250USD, Dan examination fee is $200USD. Two days, one night, full transportation, accommodation and two meals, two training sessions with Kancho Matsui, and waterfall experience.

Please see documents under forms or below for more comprehensive information. Any delays in receiving this information will delay and jeopardise our group booking, so please fill out the attached check list and return it to me via email as soon as possible so that we may proceed.

Japan Trip 2011_v1.pdf
10th World Open 1st Edition.pdf
tourn itinerary booking checklist-1.doc