Kids & teens, we offer 2-week free trial classes, so come down and give it a go before you decide.


KIDS 5-12yrs
Term Fee

$235 — Once a week training
$335 — Twice a week training

*sibling and family discounts are offered at $10/member



$160 — Monthly
$415 — Quarterly
$825 — Half yearly
$1,320 — Annually


$140 — Monthly
$340 — Quarterly
$660 — Half yearly
$1,155 — Annually



$75 — Grading Fee

This fee is for those grading from white belt to 3rd kyu (green belt). Senior graders are charged additional fees from Japan.
IKO registration is required for grading.

$25 — IKO Lifetime Membership Card

Please note that your IKO card payment must be accompanied by a passport photo with your full name and date of birth printed clearly on the back in ink.