black belts


Our seniors are dedicated to guiding students in the way of Kyokushin philosophy, discipline and excellence.

Reece Henderson
2nd dan

Start date: 2008
Grade date: 2017

Reece started Kyokushin in 2008 and enjoys testing himself and his training in kumite; entering tournament whenever he is able to.

Staying focused and super fit, he often says Kyokushin has kept him out of trouble; the value of having the Kyokushin extended family that he can rely on and make memories with is most important to him.

Reece holds Australian and New Zealand National titles (and yokozuna [grand champion] title in NZ 2012), as well as a Middle Weight title for the United States Weight Category Tournament (LA, 2014). He has represented Australia in 3 World Tournaments and continues to compete Nationally and Internationally.


David Tockar
1st dan

Start date: 1996
Grade date: 2013

David started training Kyokushin at age 4 and has been training for over 21 years. He feels incredibly fortunate to have started so early and merits the years of practicing basic techniques to the development of his dynamic fighting style.

The discipline of karate has, however, been of most value to David who says that overcoming the barriers in the dojo and in tournament allows you to apply these skills to other aspects of life.

He spent months in an uchi deshi (live-in training) program with shihan Artur Hovhanissyan in Japan, dedicating his time fully to the study and training of Kyokushin and preparing himself for tournament.

David has competed and continues to compete at a high level both Nationally and Internationally, having won Australian Nationals (2013, 2016) and achieving second place to teammate Reece Henderson in the US Weight Category Tournament (2014). He has fought in 1 World Tournament and achieved top 16 in the 2014 All Japan.

Andrea Maron
1st dan

Start date: 2000
Grade date: 2002

Andrea started karate back in 1995 and began her Kyokushin journey in 2000. She feels this path teaches her humility and challenges her to constantly strive to be better. "It's all about self-discovery and knowing who you are as a person".

Learning to react under pressure, deal with difficult situations (not only in karate, but in life) and maintaining focus are the values Andrea holds in high regard in her training.

Chantal Young
1st dan

Start date: 2011
Grade date: 2016

Chantal began her training with Shihan Tockar at North Bondi dojo at age 34. She has competed both nationally (kata & kumite) and internationally (kata) and has strong interest in mastering foundation techniques and maintaining good fitness. 

Chantal is also keen in assisting new students with technique and syllabus.

elliot karate 1.png

Elliot Kleiner
1st dan

Start date: 2006
Grade date: 2017

Elliot started his karate training in 1984 and has obtained black belt grades with multiple organisations & styles over many decades. When signing up for Kyokushin in 2006, he chose to begin as a mukyu; starting all over again with a white belt, determined to do the training justice by going through the process in it's entirety. 

His passion is for traditional “kata” and the real-world applications of “bunkai” for practical self-defence.

His articles have been published in martial arts web sites and magazines, and he has authored three books on karate.


Michelle Albert
1st dan

Start date: 2002
Grade date: 2007

Michelle started Kyokushin when her young children showed an interest in learning karate. She loved it so much she dedicated herself to the art, teaching and competing both nationally and internationally.

For Michelle it has always been about testing onesself and pushing just beyond one's comfort level.

Daniela Bertoni
1st dan

Start date: 2008
Grade date: 2016

Daniela began training in 2008 in Brazil under sempai Dinei Dineris and achieved her shodan in 2016 after 9 years.

Keeping a healthy balance between the mental and physical aspects of training, as well as the Kyokushin principles of humility, respect and perseverance are what hold important meaning for her not only in training but in life.

Daniela is a strong, disciplined fighter and has competed extensively in Brazil. She has, most recently, won the New Zealand National title in 2016 before grading to her shodan.


Nathan Lotter
1st dan

Start date: 2007
Grade date: 2017

Nathan began Kyokushin in 2007, at age 5. Through his training he developed a sense of confidence, a drive to succeed and a spirit of perseverance that has helped him with life outside of the dojo, and has contributed greatly to his discipline and motivation in all areas.

Nathan holds a number of Australian National titles in both kata and kumite as well as the 2016 New Zealand National title for his age group. In 2015 he placed 4th in the World Team Kata Tournament – an experience he says was a privilege - competing alongside senseis Alex and JB - but that he’s sure will have him in therapy later in life.

Nathan is driven to train even harder, enjoying class participation, competing for his dojo, and mentoring and teaching younger students the valuable skills he has learnt in his Kyokushin journey.

Kirill Gorr
1st dan

Start date: 1992
Grade date: 2012

Russian-born Kirill started Kyokushin in 1992, where, at age 12 he was selected for a 6-month uchi deshi (apprenticeship) Kyokushin program; living away from parents in a military-style environment.  

He has had 25+ years training experience with top Kyokushin fighters and continues to study and follow the philosophy karate has given him for a life of balance, family values and friendship. 

Matt Elvidge
1st dan

Start date: 2000
Grade date: 2006

Matt began his Kyokushin training in 2000 and bar a few breaks has been training for 17 years.

He feels the camaraderie, friendship and extended family, particularly at North Bondi dojo is what draws him back and keeps  him motivated.