Shihan Trevor Tockar
7th dan


Shihan Trevor Tockar has practiced karate for close on 50 years, and was recently awarded his 7th dan in a ceremony at the 6th World Weight Category Tournament in Tokyo Japan (April 2017), having previously been awarded his 6th dan by Kancho Matsui in February 1996.

He began his training under Shihan Len Barnes at the Martial Arts Academy of the late Judo Master, Alex Butcher, and then moved with Shihan Barnes when he opened the Oyama Karate dojo in Sea Point (Cape Town) in 1971. After completing his university studies in 1974, he joined Shihan Barnes on a full time basis, and after extensive overseas training in 1977, he introduced the formal Kyokushin syllabus into South Africa.

Shihan Tockar operated various dojos in Cape Town throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, eventually opening a beautiful, purpose-built dojo in Cape Town in mid 1990.

He competed successfully in tournaments from an early stage of his career, at regional, national and international level. During this time he represented his state, South African Universities, South African Maccabi, and the South African All-styles Team, and was awarded National Colours for Knockdown Karate.

Shihan Tockar was a member of the South African team which competed in the first World Open Karate Tournament in Tokyo in 1975, and from 1979 until 1999 he was coach of the powerful South African Knockdown Karate Team which competed in the World Tournaments in Tokyo, as well as international tournaments in France, England, Australia, Seychelles and elsewhere.

Shihan Tockar was awarded his godan by Sosai Mas Oyama in 1982 when he was only 31 years old; making him one of the  youngest people in any major international style of karate ever to be awarded the title of “shihan”.

Fourteen years later, he was awarded rokudan (6th dan) by the formidable grading panel of Kancho Matsui, Shihan Sampei, Shihan Midori, Shihan Gorai and Shihan Barnes.

Shihan Tockar was South African Branch Chief, chief instructor, and vice-chairman of the IKO (Africa) for over two decades. The IKO has a registered membership of over 13 million members. He has officiated in international events all over the world, and is an internationally accredited referee.

Shihan Tockar has throughout his career had a keen involvement with the Maccabi organisation and was captain of the first ever karate team to participate in the Maccabi Games in Israel in 1973; thereby introducing karate to the Maccabi games with the South African “goodwill” team. He went to Israel gain in 1981 as a member of the South African team and in 2005 was coach of the Australian Youth Team in the 17th Maccabi Games.

He practiced as an Advocate at the Bar in Cape Town, and was elevated to status of Senior Counsel in 1997. He was appointed as an Acting Judge of the High Court of South African in 1998.

Shihan Tockar and his family emigrated to Australia in 2001 and is now a practicing Barrister at the Bar in Sydney. With his experience and background, Shihan Tockar rates as one of the most senior karate practitioners in Australia.