2017 Southern Districts Tournament

What a great outcome for North Bondi dojo in the Southern Districts Tournament yesterday. Our kids and teens performed kata with high standard, taking home 8 trophies. Nathan Lotter's international experience shone through with him performing an exceptional Gekisai Sho.
Nathan Lotter - 1st place teen advanced kata
Hannah Hunter - 2nd place teen advanced kata
Mason Yau - 1st place teen beginner kata
Samuel Lotter - 1st place kids advanced kata
Anton Walsh - 2nd place kids advanced kata
Nathan Galper - 3rd place kids advanced kata
Elise Aroney - 4th place kids advanced kata
Jerome Hager - 4th place kids intermediate kata

Even with a few hairy moments for some kids fighting for the first time, the team did exceptionally well, also taking home 10 trophies for kumite.
Adam Camerlengo - 1st place (one match) adults heavy weight division
Reece Marchello - 1st place (one match) adults novice division
Nathan Lotter - 1st place teens kumite
Elise Aroney - 2nd place girls 11-12yrs kumite
Anton Walsh - 2nd place boys 10-11yrs kumite
Nathan Galper - 4th place boys 10-11yrs kumite
Brandon Benson - 3rd place boys 10-11yrs middle weight kumite
Johtaro Barker - 4th place boys 7-8yrs kumite
Noam Yudasin - 1st place kids 6-7yrs kumite
Kenji Barker - 3rd place kids 5-6yrs kumite

Unfortunately Reece and teammate Chris Ferles were pitted against one another in a one match (adults novice division), but what a strong and exciting fight to watch it was. Well done to both guys for brilliant sportsmanship and some seriously strong karate.

The Guiney boys (Guy, Ben and Tom) gave it their usual adrenaline injection with amazing spirit that continues to inspire the team and motivates everyone to work harder. Sam Basha and Ben Todes had strong opponents; Sam making it through his first round but losing to a brown belt in his second. Jerome Hager took a hard knock to the head but stood up strong and handled it like a true Kyokushin boy.

From SJIS dojo (Sydney Japanese International School) and sensei John Barker's team, Johtaro placed 4th after 3 very strong fights. Jason Wong fought well, showing off his great leg techniques, and Keana Haymes went amazingly well, losing after an unlucky waza'ari. All the students lost to the division winners.

Mason Yau had an incredibly strong opponent in his one match, losing by chudan zuki waza'ari in both rounds and taking some hard hits to the stomach. Sam Lotter won his first round with waza'ari but lost in his second round; his opponent and him both having scored waza'aris with jodan mawashi geri. Daniella Yudasin lost her first round against an opponent with good head kicks, but she had a great fight, coming off smiling and keen for the next tournament. Brandon Benson fought a spirited few rounds with a much improved performance than previous tournaments, before losing to his very strong nemesis Christian. 

We're all really proud of all the competitors and thank you to the instructors, coaches, supporters and judges who gave up their time... David Milner and Steven Veytsblit - your effort is very appreciated.

A special thanks to our fighting coach, sensei Anthony, for his continued and consistent hard work with the team.
Well done everyone.