5th World Weight Category Championships

The World Weight Category and 2013 Friendship Tournaments will be held in Tokyo, Japan from the 25th to the 28th of April. The World Weight boasts the cream of the crop fighters from around the world with 8 fighters selected from each of the 8 regions: Japan, Europe, Russia, South Pacific, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America; in 4 weight divisions: light (-70kg), middle (-80kg), heavy (-90kg), and superheavy (+90kg).

Selected to represent South Pacific region are:

Alexander Molev (light weight) – North Bondi dojo
Rob Struthers (light weight) – New Zealand
Thelvin Cabezas (middle weight) – New Zealand
Jesse Connolly (middle weight) – Reveseby dojo
Reece Henderson (heavy weight) – North Bondi dojo
Anthony Tockar (heavy weight) – North Bondi dojo
Carlos Castro (superheavy weight) – North Bondi dojo
Steven Cujic (superheavy weight) – Carringbah dojo

Selection for this tournament is demanding, and North Bondi dojo is proud to be putting forward four out of the eight competitors chosen for the South Pacific region.

North Bondi dojo will also have students participating in the 2013 Friendship tournament: Alexandra Karnasopoulos, Sarah Lappin, and Alexander Molev will be competing in the 2013 International Kata Karate Tournament.

Wishing all competitors (and especially our North Bondi dojo family) the best of luck in preparations.


Alexandra Karnasopoulos